Proxy Listing Script

Proxy Sites have taken the internet by storm, with literally thousands of web-based proxies now available online. Privacy is a really big issue on the internet, resulting in web-based proxies becoming increasingly popular.

Our script helps you cash in on this "niche" market, by providing you with a link indexing script, that allows you to create a huge listing of the many web based proxies on the internet. Proxy site owners submit to be listed on your site. By default listings are free, but you can cash in on this market by offering paid premium listings.

A great example of a site benefiting tremendously from this market is This site makes thousands literally per month from proxy site owners who are looking to promote their proxy site. Our script gives you the opportunity to create a similar site.

How do you make money & build traffic?

Proxy listings sites are known to take off quickly, mainly via viral marketing. Every user that submits a url to your site, is requested to link back to your site to receive the free listing. This will create a huge number of targeted backlinks to your site, and you'll start seeing an increase of traffic.

Proxy site owners are always frequenting other proxy site owner's websites to see what they are doing with regards to marketing. They usually check to see what sites have links pointing to their competitor sites, and in doing this they'll find your link and submit their site to be listed on your proxy directory. The more sites that list on your site, the better chance of having paid advertisers, as they will be competing with many other proxy sites and will want that extra boost in traffic from being in the top 25.

Configuring The Proxy List Script

The script includes a config file where you can set how many proxies can be shown before the "scroll bar" appears. This feature is set by default to 25, so that the top 25 listings which are usually paid listings receive the most exposure. The script also configures the number of listings to show per page in the admin area. By default this is set to 10, but can be adjusted.

The Cost Of The Script?

This script provides you with all you need to start your proxy listing directory. It's only being offered to users who can see an opportunity and take action. We are not going to over saturate the market with proxy listing sites by making the script available to everyone at a ridiculously low price, therefore the price is *not* set to sell thousands of copies. This is for the benefit of those who do purchase the script. It's worth every penny and you can regain your initial investment quickly once your site becomes active. This script is not for everyone, but will you be one of the few who actually cash in on this niche market? The opportunity is here, get started now.

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